Did I say June 1st? I meant June 10th. Also BIG news!

Hey everybody!  So first the good news, The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn has been selected by Line Webtoon to be a featured comic.  What does this mean?  Good question!  It means I'll be making some money through the comic which will allow me to cut down on the amount of freelance I need to take on which in turn means more Oscar Zahn comics!  I'll be able to release about three times more story than I was doing previously.

In exchange for the financial support, Line Webtoon will be hosting the comic exclusively so unfortunately I'll need to take it off Tapastic.  I'll also need to change my own website to redirect to webtoon's site.  I've had such a great response from the readers on Tapastic and this site, I hope you guys will continue reading the comic at its new home!

Because of all the big changes coming up, the comic will be relaunching on June 10th with a big chunk of story all at once.  Please come back and check it out.   Can't wait to get started again!