Oscar Zahn, Patreon and Reflections

Its been a while since my last blog post!  In the last month, Toronto Comic Con has came and went, I've wrapped up the first storyline for Oscar Zahn and set up a Patreon to hopefully fund further Oscar Zahn Stories.  Now that things have settled down, I have the opportunity to reflect and consider the future.

For the past six months, I've been on a bit of a working vacation, foregoing studio work and freelance gigs to try to do something purely from a creative viewpoint.  It was a rough start, having not done anything purely creative for myself since school, and also having never actually completed a sustained project.  The first page of Oscar Zahn literally took me a year to complete, as ridiculous as that sounds.  There were alot of false starts, collaborations that went in opposing directions and just alot of self doubt which manifested itself in endless redesigns and pondering.

In retrospect, I needed to go through that process to try to find a bit of my own creative voice (a process I still struggle with) and also the confidence to like (or at least be ok with) my own work.  

I look at the Oscar Zahn pages I've drawn so far and I see something that hews a little TOO closely to my influences (namely Miyazaki, Lovecraft and of course Mignola).  Once in a while I see a little bit of me poking through.  

Anyways, the first story arc for Oscar Zahn is coming to an end in the first week of April after which the comic will be going on hiatus until May (I will have specific date soon).   I'm currently working on the next story but unfortunately the vacation is over and I need to devote time to work that will pay the bills for a little while so progress on the comic has slowed down a little.

Thank you everybody that has been reading the comic (there's alot more of you out there than I thought there would be!)  and supporting me through donations, print sales, patreon pledges or even just leaving an encouraging word.  It really gives me the motivation to keep doing what I'm doing!

If you aren't aware of my Patreon, please check it out by clicking the image below :)