Building an Imperial Ordinance Squad for X-Wing

Preface: if you are an experienced X-Wing player and have stumbled upon this page in search of masterful insights and tactics then I'm sorry to have wasted your time.  This is just me trying to teach myself the game.

So I've been trying to build a bomber squadron centered around my favorite ship, the Tie Punisher.  I don't have too many ships or upgrades to choose from, just the two core sets, the b-wing and of course the Tie Punisher.  What I would like to do is try my best to design a 100 point squadron focused on  deploying ordnance and I'd like to do so by making the most of what I currently have. 

Based on my limited experience with the game it seems like the best way to build the Punisher would be to choose whether to outfit it for the firing of missiles or the laying of mines.  Trying to kit it out for both would probably result in an overly expensive ship that wouldn't last long on the field.

The Punisher comes with two named pilots. Deathrain, who has the ability to lay mines in front and behind him and also has the nifty abililty to perform a free barrel roll after he lays mines.  

Redline has the more straightforward ability to maintain two target locks on the same target.  This would allow him to spend a target lock to fire secondary weapons while retaining a lock to modify dice if need be.


 Mines seem like an incredibly fun way to troll your opponent but I'm thinking a missile build might be easier to fly initially so I'm going to go with Redline for this initial build.

Equipping him with Fire Control System seems to be a no brainer.  FCS allows him to automatically acquire a target lock on anything he's fired at.  That combined with his own ability should allow him to automatically acquire a second free target lock.

Now in terms of available ordnance I don't have a whole lot to choose from.  I have one copy of Homing Missiles so thats going on there.  I'm also going to use the standard Proton Torpedos on one of his torpedo slots.  Not really sure if that's the best option for him but it seems to be a safe choice.  The final torpedo slot will filled with Extra Munitions, effectively doubling his ordnance.

I was considering addng the TIE ion engine upgrade but not sure if it would be wasted on the Punisher.

With the build as is I have a 38 point ship that will be able to dump ordnance over 4 rounds while maintaining target lock. After that Redline will just be a well armored brick.

I'm thinking this is probably the best I can do with this ship with what I have.  If anybody has better ideas please feel free to leave a comment.

Next blog entry will involve rounding out the squad.  Thanks for reading!