The TIE Punisher, Manliest Ship In The Galaxy

So lately I've been really obsessed with Fantasy Flight's X-Wing miniatures game, and this guy in particular. 

This bad boy is the Tie Punisher, a heavy bomber for the Empire that's not actually in any of the movies.  Now as a rule, I generally regard all Star Wars expanded universe stuff as gobbledy gook nonsense but this guy just looks so damn coooooooool.  

It looks like somebody took a Tie Bomber and a Tie Advanced, smashed them together, then injected the remains with steroids.  I've been so enamored with this thing that I day dream about building an imperial bomber squadron to bring to X-Wing night at the local games shop and wrecking fools left and right.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to convince Fern to let expand my X-Wing fleet even though I desperately need to do so to be happy so usually I just fly it around me making "BACHOOM BACHOOM" noises with my mouth.  

Anyways my dream of X-Wing conquest is just a delusion anyways since I'm actually quite bad at the game.  Everybody that I've managed to rope into a game routinely trounces me as I usually end up flying my ships into each other and often end up bombing myself.  I'm currently 0-3 against Fern who only grudgingly plays to humor me.

Here's an idea though.  Why not a Tie Fighter movie?  There's already an X-Wing movie in the works and I would love to see a Star Wars protagonist that's on the side of the Empire.  I guess we have Finn and the clone troopers from the prequels but we didn't get to see Finn do much Storm Trooperie stuff and the prequels were nonsense and never actually happened.