4 more pages to go!


The end is in sight!  

Since making comics is a new thing for me, I tried to keep this first story pretty simple and structure it to fit within a single twenty-ish page book since I really wasn't sure how I would feel about the process after I finished it.  

As somebody who tends to overthink things anyways while working a job that generally requires many revisions (such is the nature of animation and video game work), its been both terrifying and refreshing to work at the break neck pace that comics seem to require.  

There really isn't time to labor over a panel, much less a page the same way I'm used to designing and redesigning characters and illustrations.  My experience so far has been like frantically laying down tracks as fast as you can because that train you call your story is going to come barelling through.  Eh, that analogy sounded better in my head.

Anyways, what making this comic has taught me was to believe in my initial instinct and put it down on canvas and then let it go.  Its not going to be perfect, but as my studio mate  told me, "You always have another page to do better."