The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn finally has its own website!

Everyday of my life.

Everyday of my life.

So I finally got around to doing this.  After months of posting the comic a page at a time on Tapastic and receiving a fairly a positive reaction (nobody's pushed me to the floor and kicked the stylus out of my hand yet), I figured its time to overcome my crippling self doubt and give Oscar his own site.  

The last few months have been a sort of working vacation for me.  I'm currently taking a break from working as an artist that gets paid with real human dollars to pursue the lucrative world of "creative freedom".  So far I've been subsisting on the number of "likes" I get which I'm sure I will be able to exchange for food once I've amassed enough of them.  

With the support of my loving Fiance (thanks honey!), I'm going to try to ride this out for a little while longer and get as many pages done before I need to start working again.   

In the interest of getting the site caught up with the comic on Tapastic, I'll be updating twice a week here and once a week on Tapastic.  I assume given how math works, they will eventually be on the same page and I'll be able to update the comic simultaneously on both.  

In case nobody knows what the hell I'm talking about, Tapastic is a wonderful website that allows creators to easily publish their work and readers to follow.  You can check it out here.